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Undocumented System Recovery

Have you lost a critical resource without having the opportunity to do knowledge transfer? 

Does your company rely upon software that no one understands? 

What happens if something breaks, and you don't have the ability to fix it?

We can help

There are many ways that a company can find itself unable to support critical systems or programs, but the end result is the same - an unacceptable risk to the continuity of your business.  With our wide range of software process and development expertise, Custom House can help you regain control of your business.


Every business is different. Our flexible framework is built to bend to your needs while providing a predictable process. Here's what you can expect from our simple yet effective approach:

Phase 1 - Understanding Your Business and Systems

Custom House will interview your team and review the software and systems that are in use.  We will not only investigate the technology, but also the business flows that rely upon that technology. We will research the levels of critical software, and understand what remediation needs to be done in the short-term vs the long term.  We will review software licenses, backup solutions, and their manufacturer support.  We will see how all the pieces fit together.


YOU WILL RECEIVE:  A formal discovery and inventory document

Phase 2 – Risk Analysis

Custom House will analyze the solution in place with a view to bringing your system or software up to a MODERN, SUSTAINABLE and SECURE level.  We will review each component of your software or system to determine the current level of risk, and what the potential mitigation plans are.  We will be especially sensitive to critical weaknesses and single points of failure, as in some cases near term "band-aid" fixes may make sense to avoid disruption to your business.  Then we will define the desired state as an endpoint and build a roadmap to get you there with a timeline and a budget that works for you.


YOU WILL RECEIVE: A roadmap to the future state of your system.


Phase 3 - Remediation

Custom House will deliver on the roadmap and build the future state for you.  We will work closely with your team to minimize business disruption, while simultaneously adding value and capability.  Through our iterative delivery process, we will remove the risk to your business and help you realize the optimal solution to support your teams.


YOU WILL RECEIVE:  A modern, sustainable, and secure system


Phase 4 - On-Going Support

Enjoying your peace of mind?  Custom House will provide ongoing maintenance and support to make sure that your software or systems remain MODERN, SUSTAINABLE, and SECURE.  You can focus on your business and your clients, knowing that your IT-related risk is minimal.

YOU WILL RECEIVE:  Peace of mind

To confidentially discuss your situation and talk to the experts who will be working with you.


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