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AI Staffing

Custom House’s team of IT recruiting experts’ years of IT industry experience to help your talent acquisition team attract highly qualified AI professionals. Our goal is to go beyond the base requirements and find candidates that align with your organization’s culture and goals.

Our Process

"We only send you candidates that we would hire ourselves"


When screening candidates for your project, we utilize the same rigorous process that we apply internally for our own development teams. We involve our technical staff at every step in the process to interview and vet candidates before they ever see your inbox.


The process of candidate selection involves an array of interviews, skills tests, group discussions, and reference checks aimed at measuring the candidate’s fitness for the role.


How good your screening process is, has a direct impact on your recruitment conversion rates. 

Skills We Specialize In

  • AI developer

  • AI Experience Designer

  • AI, ML, NLP, REST APIs, libraries, frameworks

  • Applied machine learning engineer

  • AWS & Azure machine learning engineer

  • AWS or Azure AI services and frameworks

  • Cloud application design, development and deployment


  • Data scientist

  • Hadoop, Spark

  • Lead data engineer

  • Lead data scientist

  • ML data developer

  • NLP engineer

  • Senior data scientist

  • Senior ML engineer

  • R, Python, and/or C#


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