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The Internet of Things has claimed its place as a key disruptive technology that now affects nearly every enterprise. Billions of smart devices have created a powerhouse technology that, when harnessed correctly, opens up infinite solutions for nearly any challenge.


At Custom House, we deliver a broad range of IoT consulting and implementation services that utilize the power of the cloud to create new opportunities in automation, analytics, and integration into the physical world.


  • We help companies strategize and determine the highest value ways to incorporate IoT into their business structure.


  • We assist companies in developing cutting-edge operations that convert data into actions.


  • We provide expert analytical guidance to help customers interpret the enormous amount of data generated by IoT and apply it into value-generating systems.


  • We help vendors scale their IoT product and service offerings.


  • We work with customers to address the IT changes needed to structure IoT into their digital strategies and solutions.

Solutions We Provide

Industrial IoT

We help manufacturers to utilize this technology and guide them through the platform transitions.

This technology will help them to:

  • Optimize equipment utilization

  • Reveal bottlenecks in the manufacturing process

  • Reduce downtime

  • Detect potential equipment failures quickly

  • Improve production quality

  • Increase employee safety



To achieve that, we closely cooperate with our clients to analyze their needs and create a detailed solution roadmap and bring it in line with an enterprise’s IT and business strategy.


Digital Healthcare Solutions

We are here to help you integrate IoT technology into your healthcare practice setting to provide better care with more intelligent systems. We help you design IoT solutions that will create an optimal digital environment to connect patients to healthcare providers, improve hospital management, and add cutting-edge digital solutions to modern healthcare.


Optimized Supply Chain Maintenance

We help to implement and operationalize your supply chain systems to achieve higher transparency and efficiency throughout supply chain processes. We assess your existing supply chain, organize your priorities, and consult with you on how to integrate IoT to optimize your systems.

Smart Solutions for Modern Cities
We help local municipalities and policymakers create their vision for a smarter city and draw up a roadmap for implementation that will improve a multitude of utility applications. We assist in selecting technology vendors, launching proofs of concept (POCs), creating servicing strategy, and much more to ensure transitions are seamless. With our vast knowledge and hands-on experience, we will help you plan, design, and implement smart city solutions capable of enhancing urban infrastructure, optimizing energy management, reducing environmental pollution, and establishing more efficient communication between residents and urban facilities.

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