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Smart Connected Products

The boundaries of technology have stretched beyond laptops and tablets and into billions of products that are integral to consumers everyday lives. Connected through the Internet of Things (IoT), technology and data collection has never been more woven into the fabric of consumer habits, able to connect businesses and customers through technology in more tactile ways.


The data that smart-connected products share creates smarter products that ease their owners' lives by increasing their efficiency, safety, and functionality. The data they collect also can provide valuable information to their users, from updating users with important medical data to automating daily tasks.


With over one trillion SCP’s on the market in 2020, there is no denying the significant economic and social impact of these devices for businesses and consumers. Our expertise in product engineering, experience in key industries, partnerships with leading platform providers, and investments in process and technology assets combined provide you with the best possible solutions to all your product needs, resulting in innovative and efficient products.

Product Requirement Analysis

Product Architecture Design

  • Product and system architecture design

  • System modeling and simulation

Product Detailed Design

  • Electronic hardware design

  • Firmware and software design

  • VLSI design

  • Enclosure and mechanical design

  • Mechatronics design

Multi-disciplinary Product Engineering

Product and System Testing


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