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Project Recovery

Have a project that is underperforming or overrunning time and cost?  

You should call us.

Our Approach

Recovery programs are riddled with questions that you need answers for. Why did the project fail? What are you doing to mitigate the chance of it this reoccurring? Have you got the right capacity and capability? What are your contractual obligations? When will your business realize value for its investment? 

Phase 1 - Understanding Your Business and Systems

Custom House will interview your team and review the software and systems that are in use.  We will not only understand the technology, but also the business flows that rely upon that technology.  We will review the project (plans, reports, and documentation), and meet the team. In parallel, we review:

  • Process SDLC methodology, DevOps, etc.

  • Technology Solution architecture, tech. stack, integration with other systems

  • Stakeholder management

  • Quality QA/QC, Performance, Scalability, Security


YOU WILL RECEIVE:  A formal discovery and inventory document


Phase 2 – Recalibrate

Reset the project. Some find change challenging, so we invest time with your team to ensure their valuable knowledge and IP stays within the project. The aim is to create a plan that resets development as quickly as we can (with the appropriate controls and reviews in place) to ensure the stability and success of the project.


YOU WILL RECEIVE:  A project plan that lays the foundation for continued development


Phase 3 - Deliver

We provide the oversight, management, and/or delivery of the project, stakeholders, and vendors based on the agreed plan.


YOU WILL RECEIVE:  A completed project that meets your expectations


Phase 4 - On-Going Support

The transition of the completed project or program to your operations team, including interim operations and management capability to facilitate a smooth transition. Custom House will provide ongoing maintenance and support to make sure that your software or systems remain MODERN, SUSTAINABLE, and SECURE.

YOU WILL RECEIVE:  Peace of mind

To confidentially discuss your situation and talk to the experts who will be working with you.


Call us at 888.968.1003

Or send us an email at

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