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Mobile Development

Custom House mobile developers will make sure that there’s an app for whatever “that” may be. From gaming to productivity enhancement and everything in-between, we will take you from vision to release. And by developing with us, you get the added advantage of our industry-leading AI and IoT expertise. That means more functionality, smarter data processing, and a world of other opportunities that can only be achieved through AI.


iOS and Android platform development

No matter what platform your users prefer, we have the expertise to build your vision. Our intimate knowledge of each platform’s specifications will ensure powerful, functional applications.


Cross-platform functionality

Why have one when you can have both? Our developers will assist you in building software that can function seamlessly on any device.


Wearables and Connected devices

From watches to dishwashers, devices are the new frontier of technology. We will help you develop software for any device you can imagine to better serve both customers and businesses, maximizing functionality, and improving the relationship between consumer and tech.


AI Integration

Our industry-leading AI team is here to guide you through integrating AI into limitless scenarios. We will help you harness the power of AI to make smartphones even smarter.

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