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Data Warehouses

Data Warehouses are central repositories of integrated data from one or multiple sources, usually used for reporting and analysis of data including artificial intelligence. Having stable, organized, manageable data warehouses is integral to being able to properly analyze, and utilize collected data to its maximum efficacy. At Custom House, our consultants can help you better manage and utilize your data through more powerful, scalable, and stable data warehousing environments that can store, organize, and manage all your data with greater efficiency, no matter the volume.


We can help you update your current data warehousing infrastructure with improved performance, more intuitive end user functionality, lower operating costs, and faster processing (even up to real-time decision making).


Data analytics

Our expert consultants will help you take your data, interpret it, and turn it into actionable, profitable decisions. We will guide you through custom data solutions, designs, and builds that can grow with your business and provide powerful insights into your business and users. Our solutions are scalable and practical, so they will grow as your business does.


Data Modelling

Embarking on a journey through Big Data interpretation can feel like a long journey without a map. With Custom House’s data modeling services, we will help you create a complete data architecture roadmap that will ensure your data is structured, organized, and tracked according to industry best practices.

Proper data modeling will create a more stable data environment and will make maintenance easier and cheaper, in the long run, thus increasing the value of your data.

Data Migration

Data migration of any size can be a risky undertaking, but it is often a necessary step for many businesses. A safe and seamless migration is key to the success of many projects and requires careful collaboration with stakeholders and expert management.

Custom House will manage the migration process for you from start to finish. No matter the data format (file, block, object, cloud, etc.) or the location of it, We employ industry specific best practices and adhere to the most up-to-date legal requirements and data privacy standards, prioritizing security and stability throughout the process.

Data Visualization

In the world of Big Data, data visualization is essential to analyze massive amounts of information and make smart, data-backed decisions. Data visualization makes interpretation easier, faster, and can help unite your teams around up-to-date and interactive information.


We can help you build a custom solution for your business from the ground up, incorporating your specific data goals with your operational style and size. We can also take your existing data systems and optimize them for your current goals. Our goal is to make your data accessible for anyone on your team that needs it for real-world, actionable solutions.


Data Analysis and Discovery

Analytics are the key to long-term success. At Custom House, our data experts will tailor insights to target your specific needs. Through targeted insights, your business will be able to unlock its full potential in whatever areas you want to grow.


No matter what your challenges, we will use industry-leading tools and time-proven methodologies to deliver the perfect solutions. Better analytics means better decision making, which means your data will put you a step ahead and give you the edge you need to succeed.

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