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Prototype Development

One of the key design elements of any functional product is strong prototype development. This project phase will save you enormous amounts of money and time by identifying key design issues before a single line of code is written. Custom House will work with you to design high-quality prototypes that can be evaluated and tested in a variety of scenarios to ensure that moving forward, you are putting your best efforts into the right places when it comes to your product.

Our Process

Our process is threefold, developing Proofs of Concept (PoC), Prototypes, and Minimum Viable Products (MVP) that we can release to market. We aim to maximize efficiency by utilizing the tools of Lean Software Development which eliminates waste in the development process and focuses on delivering functional products fast.


Our expert consultants will help you develop, refine, demonstrate, and test your products to ensure maximum functionality and stability while still delivering in a timely manner, thus increasing value and helping you get your MVP to market ahead of the competition.

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