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AppBus and Custom House Announce Partnership

PHILADELPHIA, PA November 22, 2019 – Two Philadelphia-based next generation companies have announced the formation of a partnership. Custom House Technology Consultants has partnered with AppBus, significantly increasing their mutual capabilities and value for clients. Together, Custom House and Appbus will provide a solution that meets a critical market need.

Our Strategic Alliance Partners Program is an integral part of our mission to meet the client’s expectations.

We provide specialized Artificial Intelligence and emerging technology consulting, custom development, and program management capabilities that complement and extend our Partners services thereby enhancing their solutions and services which in turn provide greater value to the client.

Our Partners also provide industry, business, program management and specialized technological capabilities.

These capabilities complement and /or extend our services thereby enhancing our solutions and services which also in turn provide greater value to the client.

For more information on our Strategic Alliance Partners Program contact us:


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